Rules For Club Outdoor Competitions
As at 8th October 2016



All Club Competitions shall be played under the Laws of the World Bowls Board and the Rules and Regulations of Bowls England and in accordance with the Club by-Laws and the Rules detailed below.


These rules shall apply to all outdoor competitions.


 1. Management


Competitions shall take place for singles, pairs and triples


a) All full members of the Club are eligible to take part in the Club Competitions in accordance with the rules of the particular competitions.

b) All entries, which shall be made on the appropriate form supplied at the time of subscription renewals, must be returned, together with the appropriate fee, on or before the 31st January.

c) All Competitions shall be under the management of the Competitions Committee, comprising Gents Captain Gents Vice-Captain(s) Ladies Captain Ladies Vice-Captain(s)

d) All appeals appertaining to the interpretation and operation of these Rules, which may arise and do not come within the scope of the Umpire’s duties or the duties of the Green Manager in relation to the conduct of the Competition, shall be considered by the Competitions Committee. Their decision shall be final and binding on all the parties.

e) An open draw will be made for each Competition, under the supervision of no less than 3 members of the Competitions Committee.


2 Green


All disputes relating to the condition and fitness of the green must be intimated before the commencement of the game. The responsibility for confirming that the green is fit or unfit for play shall rest with the Green Manager. The decision of the Green Manager relating to all protests under this rule shall be final and binding on all the competitors concerned. If the green is considered unfit for play, the tie shall be re-arranged and the Competitions Committee shall be advised accordingly.


3 Competitions


a) The competitor appearing first in the draw shall be the challenger, and the competitor appearing second shall be the opponent.

b) The dates by which the various rounds shall be played, shall be indicated on the Draw Sheet. To enable the competitions to proceed smoothly and to schedule, all ties must be completed by the dates specified on the individual competition Draw Sheets. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the tie being ‘scratched’.

c) In all non-fixed date rounds the challenger(s), immediately on receipt of the draw, shall offer his/her/their opponent(s) at least three dates, one of which should be a Saturday or Sunday.

d) In unforeseen circumstances, and with the agreement of the Competitions Committee, an extension of one week may be granted to allow any tie to be played.

e) The opponent shall, within 48 hours of receipt of the challenge, reply accepting one of the dates offered.

f) On receipt of acceptance of one of the dates offered, the challenger shall enter the details on the Rink Booking System in order to reserve a rink.

g) In singles competitions, the challenger is responsible for providing a Marker.

h) If either the challenger(s) or the opponent(s) fail to comply with the requirements of providing or accepting dates, they shall be ‘scratched’ upon the successful application of the opposing competitor.

i) No alteration of an accepted date shall be made unless mutually agreed. Failing such agreement, the competitor desiring such alteration must give their opponent a ‘walk over’. Sheet 2 of 2 Rules 3 - HBC Competitions 8th October 2016 (HBC-Competitions Rules- Issue A)


4 Handicaps

a) The guidelines for determining individual handicaps shall include the bowling experience and previous record in any Club during the previous 3 seasons.

b) The handicaps will be determined by at least three members; for the gents from the Gents Committee and for the ladies from the Ladies Committee.


5. Playing & Substitutions


a) Finals Day: all competitors must check the date of the finals, which can be found in the fixture card or on the competitions sheet sent to all competitors in January. If it is known that they will not be available on this date they should not enter the competition.

b) In Singles Competitions prior to the commencement of any round, if a competitor, for whatever reason, is unable to play even with a 1 week extension, or will be unavailable to play on Finals Day, he/she will be required to withdraw from the competition. In all cases the Competitions Committee shall be informed immediately of the reason for the game being conceded.

c) In Pairs and Triples Competitions: If a player who has entered the competitions becomes aware that he/she will be unable to play on finals day, they must inform the Competitions Committee as soon as possible, who will then confirm the position regarding any substitution. One substitution shall be permitted at any stage of the competition provided that:- i. The substitute has not played in any previous round of the competition, ii. The substitute should be of equal standing to the retiring player wherever possible. iii. The substitute does not play Skip.


d) All completed scorecards should be placed in the racks provided in the Clubhouse. Scorecards must bear the correct names and initials of all the competitors concerned and shall be signed by both players or both skips.


e) In the event of a Competition match resulting in a tie, a further end shall be played and a coin will be spun to decide who takes the mat.


f) If for any reason, a game scheduled for Finals Day cannot be completed on the day due to inclement weather or time restraints, such games shall be re-arranged at the earliest mutually convenient opportunity, and played before the end of the current season.


6 Casual Dress Code

Smart casual dress may be worn for all internal bowling functions, including competitions, except when specifically stated by the Competitions Committee. Members may, if they wish, follow the dress code for evening matches as found below. Smart casual dress means tailored, single-coloured trousers, or plain shorts cut just above the knee, for men and tailored single-coloured slacks, crop trousers, culottes, skirts or plain shorts cut just above the knee for ladies. Jeans and casual sportswear, including track suits, are not allowed. T-shirts or blouses must have a collar and at least short sleeves. This dress code also applies to markers.


7 Finals Day & Match Dress Code

a) Evening Matches: All players shall be dressed in white or cream from the waist upwards, with regulation grey skirts (2 inverted pleats back and front) or grey culottes, or tailored grey trousers, or cropped grey trousers for the ladies, and grey trousers for men. Unless specified gents may wear their club shirts.

b) Afternoon Matches & Finals Day: White dress above and below the waist will be required for afternoon matches, finals day and other occasions when specified by the competitions committee. All players shall be dressed in white. The ladies shall wear regulation white skirts (2 inverted pleats back and front) or white culottes, or white tailored trousers, or cropped white trouser. Gentlemen shall wear white trousers and, unless otherwise specified, may wear their club shirts.

c) Shoes: All players shall wear brown, grey, or white flat smooth-soled shoes. Bowlers shall change into their bowling shoes within the confines of the Bowling Club.