Application for Playing Membership


I wish to apply for Playing Membership of Horley Bowling Club and agree to abide by the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Club and observe any special regulations made by the main Committee.


Playing membership includes all aspects of summer bowling, and winter short mat bowling.


When elected: -


I will be prepared to help with the running of the club

  1. Assisting in preparing match teas once or twice per season.

  2. Assisting with the bar and cleaning of the Clubhouse.


As a new member I agree to pay the first year’s subscription of £xxxxx    which will expire on 30th September xxxxx.  The full annual subscription will then be applicable from 1st Octoberxxxx.


Personal Data Consent for all Members


The Data protection Act 1998 will be superseded on May 25th 2018 by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


To ensure that Horley Bowling Club (HBC) are compliant with these regulations we seek your consent to the use of Personal Data relating to you by the Club for the proposals set out below.


Personal Data means, for the purposes of consents sought, names, ages, addresses, phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, photographs, and video images.


HBC gives an understanding to every member that:

  1. Data collected will be held in a secure location

  2. Personal information requested will be that which is relevant and necessary for membership purposes only

  3. With the exception of Bowls England, Bowls Surrey, English Short Mat Bowling Association and West Sussex Short Mat Bowling Association data will not be shared with any third party

  4. All data will be removed from our data base and all personal documents will be destroyed when members leave.

HBC have members name and contact numbers shown on the website which is password protected and kept securely in a password protected computer.

There are pictures of members shown on the website for promotional purposes of showing people bowling and enjoying the facilities.

HBC may from time to time publish pictures of members (and names) in the local press and on club notice boards.


If you choose NOT to tick' any of the following boxes you will need to complete a paper application. Contact the Membership Secretary

Enjoy your membership

* Please note all members playing lawn green bowling and short mat bowls are automatically affiliated to Bowls England, Bowls Surrey, the English Short Mat Bowling Association and West Sussex County Short Mat Bowling Association.

Similarly all members playing only short mat bowls are automatically affiliated to the English Short Mat Bowling Association and West Sussex County Short Mat Bowling Association

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