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Severe infestation of Leather Jacket Pupae of Cranefly - Early May 21

As most of you know ,we are experiencing a severe infestation of Leather Jacket Pupae of Cranefly  which are creating

small countersunk holes in the Green as they emerge to feast on roots /thatch in the Green.


There is NO allowable chemical we can use it was banned in 2015 ,  and with the mild winters

over the last 3 yrs they have multiplied in an extraordinary way,  This is across the Country and is affecting

Golf Courses, Cricket pitches and Bowling Greens .

The only allowable Control method is to apply Nematodes in the Autumn these living organisms are bred especially to kill the leather jackets after hatching

in order to ensure we get them ( they will be in short supply ) have pre-orderded 3 trays at £100 a tray from Colliers , to be paid on receipt 


The only current way to control them is to lay Black Plastic over the green overnight , Rink By Rink ,  and the following morning pick them up  , since Saturday we have collected over 100  of them , but its the tip of the iceberg


Did you realise ......

... its costs a fortune to maintain and the cost is met by Membership fees, match fees, tea fees, bar profits, etc


Green Maintenance Rota

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